Select Mogrt

Captioneer loads the default Motion Graphics Templates folder and any folders added in Settings.

Select File

  1. Select a .mogrt tile in the panel to preview its Thumbnail or Video

  2. Click Select File button to manually navigate to a .mogrt file

  3. Drag + drop a .mogrt file onto the panel

Note: Drag + drop and the Select File dialog do not generate .mogrt previews.


Hit the Refresh button to reload all .mogrt tiles and previews.

Set From the Timeline

Set from the Timeline allows you to change .mogrt settings once in the Essential Graphics Panel and then paste that customized .mogrt to the entire sequence.

  1. Select a .mogrt in the timeline

  2. Hit Set From The Timeline button

  3. In the Create tab, hit Add MOGRTs

  4. The selected .mogrt with custom settings will be added to the sequence

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